The blocks im seeing dont match what i see in the various tutorials?

What’s Thunkers. Im having a bit of an issue. Just started developing my app and have been diving into tutorials and the like trying to get a jist of the overall block structure. Ex: what blocks do what, what blocks carry forward the process chain when added to an existing block sequence etc. Ive looked at all the info i can find and even printed out some google images to study and attempt to recreate in my app and am getting nowhere fast.

Many of the blocks Im seeing in the sample trees Ive downloaded arent on any of the lists in the blocks panels. Ive played with all them repeatedly and even the ones with drop down menu options to change navigation paths dont have alot of the options available in the menus.

Can someone point me in the direction of a master list of blocks, their official functions, and the trees that they belong to.

Im a very binary and linear thinking dude and the layout is not even remotely aligning with the way my brain works when trying to figure stuff out.

Thanks for the help y’all.

Also, Im a premium pro member so Im pretty sure I have access to everything that is available. Already have the firebase api and url stuff setup properly and integrated into my thunkable settings if that could be a problem. Talk soon perhaps. Leaning towards going with the $250/th plan just to be able to avoid the headache but figured I would ask first incase someone offers up a solution that makes this click for me. Have html and java experience and thought this would be a simple process. thus far…I couldnt have been more wrong lol.

Thanks again

There are two versions of Thunkable: the “legacy” version (older) that allows you to add components to a screen but not move them to specific pixel locations manually and the “drag and drop” version (newer) that allows you to move components to any location on the screen manually but is missing a few features.

Many of the older tutorials and videos reference the legacy version.

If there’s something specific you don’t understand or need help with, feel free to post a specific question about it.

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yeah, im using the thunkable x software. ive spent a few days looking at ‘x’ tutorials and im seeing the thunkers using blocks that arent anywhere in the menu’s on the left side of the page in the block menu’s.

Just wondering if im missing something. Id like to find a master list of all the blocks and their functions that thunkable actually released so I know im seeing the full list if such a list exists.

Both the legacy and drag-and-drop interfaces are available in Thunkable X.

You can find the drag-and-drop documentation here:

I don’t know of a list of all functions but again, if there’s something you see in a comment/tutorial but can’t find, feel free to ask about it.

Thanks. I found all the docs, Im going back thru all those and reading them again to see if i can read something again and have it click. I do have a bit of a learning disability as well which probably isnt helping me much lol.

Going on close to 30 tutorials now and im still not finding many of the blocks that are listed in the various tutorials I watched thus far. I might just end up hiring a block wizard to tutor me. Anyone have some free time they could lend??? Id gladly compensate ya for your knowledge and time. I have many technical area job friends but none of them are coders. About ready to take a hammer to my laptop. Hit me up if you wanna make a few bucks and drop your price per hour to tutor me a bit.

Have a groovy one. Toke time :slight_smile:

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May be if you give a screenshot of an example of what you are looking for and specify which UI you are using (DnD or Legacy) then members here will be able to show you where the component is.