Help learning Thunkable drag and drop in April 2021

Does anyone have a recommended video intro series to drag and drop Thunkable in 2021?

Recently I was trying to take a “create object” block and get to “create object with fields” block. I spent at least an hour looking in documentation, forum, and youtube videos. Finally I just got it by dumb luck - I didn’t realize I needed to click the wheel, type anything in the left component and drag it over and clip it onto the other floating block on the right. I’m happy to do a good 4-5 hour intro to learn random things like this that are hard (for me) to find in documentation.

I’m also really struggling with finding videos or documentation on things like groups - vs tons of info on the older rows, columns, and alignment. Is there a place for documenting and resources on the new drag and drop builder? When I hover the ? and click learn more it just opens another tab of my app workspace.

Should I just not use drag and drop yet as a new user?

Thanks for the help, love the platform and community.


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Drew, I decided a couple months ago (when there were NO D&D docs) that I’d wait for the D&D editor to be a little further along. I’m finding now that I’ve spent some time with the ‘legacy’ interface, they feel pretty interchangeable. I can sit down and work in either one. However, there’s currently no way to switch an app to the new editor (although it’s been said that one is coming), so you might want to do some playing/learning on the old interface and then switch before starting a big project.

I totally get that small differences in appearance can be confusing for a newbie! It gets better fast!

Oh, in case you didn’t find them, here are the drag and drop docs:


Thanks so much Cat, this is super helpful all around - I was just searching over and over in the old documentation like a moron… I knew I was missing something.

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If any other newbs like me need help doing a “create objects with fields block” here is an image with guide - maybe if someone from Thunkable reads this they can add to the docs for object! ClickRedo


Paging @jane :slight_smile:

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