[Solved] Are there two different drag-and-drop builders in Thunkable?

Does Thunkable offer two different drag-and-drop builders?

This is the one that I get. But it has a vastly reduced number of components to choose from. (e.g. the Row and Column components aren’t offered)

And below is the one that I see in many different Thunkable tutorials. I tried accessing a sample project and it also had this type of drag-and-drop builder. This is what I would like to use as it offers a fuller set of components.

How is it possible to use the second of the drag-and-drop builders?

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The interface you’re seeing in the first screenshot is the new “drag-and-drop” interface. The one in the second screenshot is the older “legacy” interface.

When you create a new project, there is a checkbox to “Try it out” and if you check that you get the new interface; if you leave it unchecked, you get the old interface.

There is currently no way to convert from one to the other so choose wisely.


As Tatiang mentions, the first screen is of our new drag and drop builder, while the second one is our older “snap to position” editor

We’ve just moved the invisible components to the blocks section. The only components “missing” are the switch and the banner but they should be released on Thursday or early next week so there’s no difference in that regard.

We’re working on a converter that will convert a legacy project to a drag and drop project, bit we have no plans from a converter to go the other way.

Hope that helps!

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