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I started doing a Thunkable module with my students today. I discovered that the GUI they see is different than mine. I have a list of every component available (Button, Label, etc). The students have a very abbreviated list which includes a Group component I do not have. I suspect there has been a GUI update that I do not have since I have an old account. I have been teaching Thunkable for about 5 years so maybe that is the original DUI. How do I get my GUI to look like my students? This is confusing the heck out of me and the kids.

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Hello and Thanks for supporting Thunkable.

Every account has access to both UIs; the old one (StP or Snap to Place) and the new one (DnD or Drag and Drop)

Whenever you start a new project you will have a checkbox in the lower part of the dialog box labeled try it out. If you select it you see the new interface, if you leave it unchecked then you see the old interface.

The old interface has all components listed and part of these components are termed invisible components which are components that do a specific function but do not have a shape in the screen. Those components have all been moved to the block screen along with control, text, lists and others.

Projects made with the old StP can / soon will have a convert option from the old to the new interface. However, projects made with the new DnD cannot be converted backwards.

Hope this clarifies the situation.


That is it! Thank you very much. The app I was building with the old UI is simple enough that I will not have to convert it to the new UI. I will just rebuild it. I need to learn the new one anyway.


But does the dnd interface has all components and functions like of the old stp

Not 100% but it’s pretty close. It’s missing the ability to create and clone blocks (for dynamic data display), rows & columns to layout data (it has groups but they aren’t the same) and the ability to change some component properties via blocks.


Thanks for this response

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