Invisible Components in Blocks tab in Drag and Drop UI

Hey! New to Thunkable and trying to get up to speed via the tutorial videos and some example apps. I’m working in the new UI and am confused as to whether I simply do not know how to use the new platform well enough or there are bugs in the release.

When trying to add components, I am only able to select from the User Interface group.

why not search community before posting


Short Answer
The issue you are encountering is an intentional change. There are more options on the left hand side. The rest of the non-visible components are available on the blocks screen

Long Answer
You are correct that Thunkable is transitioning from one designer to a very different (drag and drop) designer. The differences fall into a few categories:

  1. Intentional changes (Thunkable changed it on purpose)
  2. Pending features (Feature is known to be missing and will be added later)
  3. Known bugs (Unintended differences that have been reported by/to Thunkable)
  4. Oversights (Unintended differences that have not been reported by/to Thunkable)

Any one issue could be any of these categories. There is no single resource to determine which category a particular issue is in. As @eko.devs.apploroceo suggests, a number of these issues appear in the discussion group, which is a good place to start. I would also suggest anytime you find one of these issues, use the chatbot in the Thunkable designer to ask the Thunkable staff about the issue. They work at very early hours if you are in the United States. Sometimes you may not hear back until the next day, but they generally respond.


Thank you @drted. I had looked through posts initially and my confusion was how a lot of the new versions of tutorials are simpler and nomenclature has changed (actually a great problem to be easier).

Specifically, I had trouble replicating the camera components in the new UI like in the legacy version.

Ex: I had this in a legacy project-- very basic take photo and store.

For the life of me, I could not figure out how to get the take photo to work in new UI. I figured out it was as simple as using the “photo from camera” which now encapsulates all of the manual camera steps from before.

Thank you for the friendly and quick response for this noob!

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i do hope u got advanced blocks if not u can right click and see
keep thunking
always ready to help just ask

Hello guys,

Sorry to open this again
I’am teaching thunkable at a 25 on-line class students, all begginers around 13y.
And they had sign-up at the beggining of March.

Some of them are experiesing this new UI version… and some are not.
So classes are becoming a little messy, becouse my UI version is old.

Can we choose UI versions so they see and program the same thing?

Thanks in advance,
Regards from Brazil,


I’ll answer it to myself (and for those in the future):


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