[Solved] How do I create a project with the new UI?

How to use [The future of UI design in Thunkable])

In a Already created Project
Any Ideas?

hi @tchind It was mentioned that it is being looked at to change an existing project into the future of UI design in thunkable and change the UI design in thunkable project to a normal project

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I have Already created the project on say 1st of January last year? How do i add this feature?

@tchind it is only possible to add this feature when creating a project

You need to tick that box when creating a new project

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Great question @tchind - we’re hoping to develop a converter next year that can transform a snap-to-position project into a drag-and-drop one.

Is you existing app published? How many screens/blocks do you have?

hi there I am trying these new features in my old app but it is not coming there but when I open a new app it is there. what should I do? please help?

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Does that help with your question @shauryabagrecha2312m ?

Where are you guys with the development of the converter system?

This has been completed (or is it still only for beta testers @domhnallohanlon ?)

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