Media db photo galerie and so on

hello everybody and thanks by advance. i’m continuing discovering thunkable testing little projects and i have got a problem. I can’t find some of the components such : col, row, media db, photo galerie etc. What i have to do thanks. Ben from France

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Hello Ben,

It seems you are using the DnD (Drag and Drop) UI of Thunkable. In this UI, Thunkable has rearranged components is a different way.

The component list in the Design Screen only lists the components that you can place in the screen such as label, button, viewer. However, other components (previously grouped as invisible components can now be found in the Blocks Screen.

in the DnD UI, you can place the component anywhere in the screen and therefore, there in no need for rows and columns to fit components in a specific place in the screen. However, if you want to use either row or column for the purpose of grouping components together, then use the Group component for this.

If you find the DnD UI still confusing to you and want to design you app in the old (Snap to Place) UI then you need to leave the Try it out checkbox clear.
Which will allow you to start your project in the StP UI.

Hope this is clear.

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hello many thanks for your answer. I have just tryed with a new project and it is ok. nevertheless i don’t succeed to transform my project in the older version. in my dashboard i can only edit, duplicate…

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Yes, there is no tool to convert from new to old. You have to re-do the project in the old platform.

ok thanks

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