Thunkable x complete tutorial

hi guys any one there to give complete tutorials of components and blocks and coding in thunkable x for me bcz the documentation given by thunkable x is not enough and tutorial videos also not enough

Hi there, @aelinespodiliho ! :wave:

Keep experimenting with all the components, & their blocks,

We’re here to help you :smile: :tada:

If you encounter any problems, freely ask here :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Thunking! :tada:

IM TIRED OFF EXPERIMENTING THATS WHY I NEED TUTOTRIAL AND TRAINING i heared of ACtech demo app do you know any thing reg that

Please don’t shout. I talked to you calmly :slight_smile:

You should ask @actech about that.

Also, you didn’t provide what type of tutorials you need. (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
acTech Demo is a advanced app.

Thanks! :smile:

Hey @aelinespodiliho,

Typically I would recommend reading the docs and watching the videos…

We want our docs to be as good as they possibly can be, so please let us know if there is something in particular you’d like to see.

If you’ve gone through all of our tutorials then I’d also recommend checking out @Darren’s channel as he makes great videos!

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Hello, all. I would like to see a tutorial on the any component Switch block. I need to be able to change the value of the the switch to on, as well as the color of the switch, store it in a local database and then retrieve and display the switch values when the screen open. I’m finding it hard to find any information on how to use the Any Component with a database. Can anyone provide a sample or is there a tutorial for this? Thanks.