Signal 6 was raised (null) with iOS 15

When Apple updated iOS 15 for their devices, I had a huge BUGS with Apple Reviewer, they reported the app had an error called Signal 6 was raised (null).

I tried to change the app content many times but still can’t fix it.

Through many tests, I found that the problem lies in the source code when Call Admob ads (it happens with both banners, interstitial and rewarded ads) the way to handle it is that Thunkable should check the source code when building an IOS app (which contains Admob), maybe you haven’t updated for a long time, and below are the details of the problem that I encountered.

Important Note: Apple Reviewer use:

Ipad, with IOS 15.0.1

The first time I used this block:

The second time I tried only Admob interstitial

The third time I use only Admob banner ads, it still had the same Signal 6 error.

Please Help me to fix this./.

Is there anyone who has the same problems as this?

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I believe your issue is in the AdMob settings.

Check this post.

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I’m sure it has nothing wrong with Admob settings, the post you just sent can’t be of any help to me. :frowning:

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Can you check your settings?


Make sure this option is switched off.

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But you specifically mention using AdMob in your app @handboyz9xxeh9e?


Oh yes, I got it.
When I Switched on this option, I opened the app then it appeared to crash called: Signal 6 was raised (Null), I think this is the main problem, Please help me how to fix if some users Switched this option on? Is there any way to make the Admob app run when Allow apps to request to Track turn on?

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Yes, there is a way.

We are waiting for Thunkable development team to fix the issue of the AdMob setting (the post I shared with you) and this will automatically fix this problem.

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Thank you very much, Sir.
Please note me when the Thunkable development team has finished fixing that ^^.
I feel so excited now!

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