Signal 6 app crash

It’s a bug I reported to the Thunkable staff.
They could not find a solution and the response is very late.
Maybe you have faced and solved a similar problem.
The error I encountered in the buttons I used interstitial.

unexpected error occurred apologies the app will close now please restart the app signal 6 was raised.


Hello @emregoker
It could be a bug but it is a friendly one.
This error is from an iOS device that App tracking in enabled and you are using an AdMob component in your app but the iOS Key in the project settings was left blank.

Just supply the AdMob key and publish again and that bug would magically disappear.

Happy Thunking!


Thanks for help.
I didn’t notice because it was working before and it didn’t work even though I didn’t make the change.
My problem is solved.

It no longer gives signal 6 error.
But the ads don’t show up either.
Does this error go away after the app is updated in the AppStore?
The app works fine in the Thunkable Live test.

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If the AdMob is newly created in the app or the app has no or very little hits then you need to allow sometime for it to give you activities.

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There were actually ads in the app.
But I added the admob key to the new version yesterday.
I just tried it before I put it in the store, the ads are not showing.
Old version is in AppStore and ads are showing.

Hey @emregoker, sorry you’re experiencing this issue. Is it specifically in your downloaded preview app that you’re not seeing the ads? Do you see the ads in the Thunkable companion app preview?

Are you working on the same project or did are you working on a copy of the originally approved project?

Please make sure the adMob keys are all copied over exactly.

I am working on the same project.
Yes works in thunkable live test.
It doesn’t work in the app I downloaded.

I added the admob key and checked it. The only thing that comes to my mind is can it be fixed after publishing it in the appstore? but I don’t want to publish an ad-free app if it doesn’t work.

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Jared helped me.

It was just released on the AppStore and ads are showing up. not showing in app downloaded before publishing but for now that’s fine with me.

I think you should fix this issue anyway.



Hi, I have the same problem (signal 6) but I don’t use add mob…shoud I fill the add mob string also if i don’t use ads?

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Do you have Push Notification ?

Push Notification would raise the same signal.

No, I have not push notification. Only: alert, sound, share, web viewer and camera (with the string in app setting with this sentence “Take a picture of yourself and put it in a sculpture”)

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If you are using Web Viewer then the new guidelines of Apple requires you declare that. The same is true for using Location Services.

See this.

I don’t use location sevices and declared this in the Tracking Usage Description: “This app accesses and Google Maps website. Your data may be shared with this website to facilitate functionality”.

I’ve already changed the settings of the privacy in the apple page of the app

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