iOS app admob not show

hello i updated my app on the apple store. and the new update will not show admob ads. I remember that in the first version it worked perfectly. does anyone know why this is happening? I already sent a third update and it still doesn’t work

Hi @Fernando_Matos. There are multiple threads with this question. Here is one: Admob not showing ads
Also make sure to log into your AdMob account and make sure everything is correct.
Another option is in the “All Components” block you can find the block “When AdMob banner has Error” and set a label or something to that error. I use that and send it to and Airtable so I can see when Banner errors occur.
Hope this helps!


hello thanks for the tip. on Android works correctly. on iOS when I test the live test app it also works. in the application downloaded from the Apple Store I can leave hours on that ads never appear

Did you test the error message?


It’s been a long time…
But I’m having the same problem.
Is there a solution?

I think you guys should get PRO.

there are topics like this almost infinity topics.

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If you have PRO then directly report to the staff

I bought a pro membership.
Worst of all, they do not provide professional service!

Please stop spamming the forum by complaining about the same thing over and over again.

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Please allow me to intervene to say that @emregoker is not actually spamming but to clarify, the first issue he raised was about Signal 6 error in iOS. I explained the root cause of this issue which is related to a BUG in the AdMob settings (among other settings) in the project settings page.

He was actually considerate enough to have closed the first post and opened a new post with the correct problem. However, we are responding to him in both posts.

This is my opinion.

I was referring to his posts about how bad Thunkable is. This issue is between him and Thunkable, the rest of us don’t need to see topics being bumped with the same complaint.

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:+1: I misunderstood, sorry.

No problem.

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Sorry for the delays @emregoker , I’ve just been added to the team (officially starting this coming Monday)

I’ve sent you a DM for more info. Please do follow up there at your earliest convenience .

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Thunkable is good and I love you Thunkable.

my resentment is not getting enough service after purchasing a pro membership.

The staff, whom I have sent 5 6 messages privately, returned today after writing here.

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Ok then, perhaps I misunderstood your point. However, in general it’s still best not to post the same thing multiple times.