Banner ads show up successfully in preview, but blank space in iOS

Hi everyone!

My thunkable app has been published to the Apple app store and it’s been great (haven’t published to the play store yet).

I have working admob banner ads in the thunkable preview app, however the banner ads only show up as a blank space when I open the app for real on my iOS devices. I entered the correct publisher ID and made sure test mode wasn’t on.

My interstitial ads are however working great on the iOS devices.

Not sure what’s going on with the banner ads or how to fix these so they show up.

Thank you to all in this great community!

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I wouldn’t expect to consistently see ads on Android until your app is published and you have built a bit of an audience.

As I always remind folks, displaying ads in your app is a responsibility. You are saying to local businesses (and major companies) that you are a reliable and trustworthy developer and that your audience will have a genuine interest in the ads that AdMob matches them with.

The best way to demonstrate that reliability and trustworthiness is by building your audience.

You can also look at this from the other perspective. You have no downloads or installs of your app right now and ads aren’t showing. Big deal? You are “loosing”, at the very most, 10c per day (more like 1 or 2c). Once you get to a couple 1000 users you will have passed your $100 threshold and will be comfortably earning tens of $$$ per day.

Hello domhnallohanlon. I don’t know if you read my full post but thank you for your time.

I have a very active adsense account that gets millions of impressions a month so this isn’t day one for me, but this is my first time using admob and thunkable together.

Again, the banner ads are not showing but the intersitual ads and reward videos are showing.

Any ideas?

i had the same issue so i keep checking to see if my ads showing up and eventually i lost my adsense account so be careful

Thanks so much for the responses, but I am wondering does anyone have a solution to my problem of banner ads not showing up?


Can you try something like this and let us know what error message you see?

Thank you for the help.

It says:

Error Code=1 “Request Error: No ad to show.”
UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Request Error: No ad to show.}

The test ad appears to work, but when i place the actual ad, it shows this. I did some google searching and the potential fixes for the error message…no fixes I found did apply to me. Not clear if this is on the admob side of things or thunkable.

Thanks again guys.

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same as I had hmm it works well while testing but showed that error after on the finished app

This means that’s there’s no ad inventory available to your app.

It seems that this is particularly common for newly published apps, and is not necessarily related to the age or standing of your AdMob account.

You may need to wait a few days for ads to start appearing:

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