Thunkable X Admob not working in APK, but works in live test

Hi guys,

I am currently using Thunkable X and I am experiencing an issue when using Admob in the finished APK version of the app.

The adverts do not show and I seem to get the error: “ERROR_CODE_NO_FILL”

However, the adverts do show when using Thunkable’s live test app.

I have tried toggling ‘test mode’ however this makes no difference.

Please help guys :smiley:

Many thanks,

Hi @Tristen_Drake,

Have you published your app in the Play store?

Re your error code:
The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.


No I have not published it in the Play store yet.

Here are some photos where the app is working as intended (Thunkable Live) and where the ads are not being displayed (In APK version)

(This is the case for both banner and rewarded video adverts)

Many thanks,

Is the one on the left a test ad?

Ah, I see now that it isn’t.

When did you set up your admob account?


I have had my Admob account for a while now. Way over a year. Can I try it with one of your ads to see if it’s my account or if it’s the app?


Try one of these:


I have just tried this and this does indeed work.

However still not working with my own ID

I think that’s probably something you’ll need to contact AdMob about?

My understanding is that with new accounts, and particularly for apps that are side-loaded, the fill rate will be significantly lower to mitigate against fraudulent use.

I would advise you to publish your app to one of the main stores and this should help improve your AdMob “cred” :smile:

Great, thank you @domhnallohanlon

It’s odd that it still works in Thunkable live app though?

Would I be able to use one of your ad ID’s just as a test to see if that is the issue?


I’m still having this issue. Have you got any other suggestions?

Can you send me a link to your published app so I can take a look please?

The app is not published on the play store at the moment. I don’t want to publish an app that doesn’t work fully yet. I could send you a thunkable share link?

You can of course, but as I’ve already explained, to combat fraudulent activity AdMob will initially serve few or no ads in apps that are side loaded and/or are developed by new account holders.

Maybe a better way to think of it is in terms of television? If you’re broadcasting the Superbowl then everyone will want to advertise on your network, and will pay a big price to do so. If you’re a late night show, on a station that no one watches, then it will be a struggle to attract advertisers. The same idea applies to your app.

As a developer, if you’re interested in creating a revenue stream from your work then you will need to invest some time in building an audience for your app first, then focus on adding in advertising.

Thanks for your response :smiley:

I understand this however what confuses me is that I do indeed get adverts in the Thunkable live app but not in the APK version. This is why I think there is a issue.

That’s because the developer of Thunkable Live has tens of thousands of downloads and hundreds of reviews.

If you want you can PM me you project. I’ll try one of my own IDs and test it our for you on Android and iOS?

Perfect thanks :smiley: I’ll send it over now

I’m waiting as well. My ads not showing when installed apk on phone. waiting to hear from you before I publish to play store.

@fredmann, do you already have a Play Store developer account?

I can’t find any messages from you about this, can you remind me what your question was?

I do have developer account.
I went thunk pro last week.
sent my app for approval
You approved it.
But you haven’t answered my last 3 emails to you asking why my ads don’t show when I install apk on phone.

hi @fredmann,

Just a couple of things to clarify first of all. Firstly, you sent one email 90 minutes after your account was approved, in relation to ads not showing in your app. You have yet to let me know if your app is published or what error code you are seeings. Based on the experiences of others in the community it may take 3 - 5 days to get your AdMob activated.

Secondly, because you are using different email addresses in the community and on Thunkable X it makes it extremely difficult for me to keep track of our correspondence. If you are a PRO subscriber then you should probably stick to email support.