Not displaying admob ads

My apps displays admob ads on the live test but won’t display after downloading it, pls can someone help me out on here

Hey @zukodime1y, welcome to the Community. :wave:

Is you app published in the App Store or the Play Store?

No, my app is not published in any App store or Play store

Which store do you intend on publishing in?

If your app doesn’t have any users then ads typically won’t be displayed.

AdMob will have low fill rates for new apps and then over time, as you build up your user base, you will see ads displayed with a higher fill rate.

To earn consistently you should aim for 10,000 installs and to get started you really need to be in the 100 - 1,000 range.

Hope that makes sense.

Yh I can understand that, but at least I expected the app to display ads on my mobile as a confirmation its gonna show on other devices

But it’s not showing on my device, and it’s not even showing after sending it someone else for a test