My App Isn't Showing Admob Ads? WHY!

My App That I Published on Play Store Yesterday isn’t showing ads (Link - and Thunkable Project Link ( Please Help Me To Resolve this issue as I Have Linked My Admob ads on it.

Could be a poor quality app that Admob has no interest in showing ads on.

Hey @asligamerashwx :wave:

Yesterday? You’ll typically need to wait 4 or 5 days so that Google can build a profile of what normal usage looks like on your app.

Also, I had a look at your app (which looks really good, btw) and it’s still saying 0 downloads, so it really doesn’t matter if ads aren’t showing right now because if you have less than 100 users you won’t be making much more than 10¢ per day.

If you want to make consistent, reliable income with AdMob you should be aiming to grow your audience to about 10,000 downloads.

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Thanks! Do You Have Some Good Tips to increase th downloads and make my app discoverable more in play store?