Can't still download my app with admob

I have recieved the mail from admob, allowed thunkable but still can’t download. Even I can’t chat with thunkable as today is saturday. Pls help @domhnallohanlon @jane @Thunkable_Staff

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Did you receive the mail from Thunkable about AdMob agreement?

I recieved from admob to accept thunkable. Not from thunkable

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What should I do @muneer

here. in case you want to download on android, you may want to get PRO if you you want to publish it too.

if it gotten too iregular, you could just see one of the thunkable pricing features.
if you’re out of two, you could wait for the NEXT month.
if it gotten too iregular again.

sure then. check the source like:

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Was referring to Thunkable review

See this


@super-coder can’t you see I already have pro that is why I wrote “I can’t even chat” Read it first

Oh sorry

it’s evening and once you sleep it will be sunday. which is BAD luck, and you have to wait until monday to chat.

They chatted and my issue is solved

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Cangratulations! :tada:

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