AdMob query "only PRO Thunkers can download apps with AdMob"

I found this line in the admob article for thunkable. “While all Thunkers can add AdMob to their app projects and live test the ads in their apps, only PRO Thunkers can download and publish apps with AdMob.”

I could not understand what is really meant by, only pro thunkers can download the apps with admob? If an app user downloads it from google play, does he have to have a thunkable pro account to get to see ads?

All I want to make is a local community app; where the targeted people will get necessary information and thus be benefitted and there will be no revenue generating from the app user but I would expect to make a little income from the app probably through - people clicking ads. On this note do the users of my app have to be thunkable pro users to income through admob?(since it was mentioned that only pro thunkers can download the app with admob!)

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