I didn't understand anything admob mail

Hi, I got an email from admobla. I don’t understand anything because I don’t speak English. will I understand that you can no longer add ads without this pro-user?

About 3 years ago I realized I cannot guess what emails say without reading them. I am sure most in this community knew that far before me.

In addition last I checked this was an application building site, not an admob support site. Follow the path to admob support, and do not get distracted this channel.

you do not understand

that is mail,
i don’t understand what that means

Dear Thunkers,

This month we’re excited to start featuring monthly stories from app creators around the world. But before we dive into tales of super typhoons and community heroes, here are a few updates on our end.

Ads by AdMob

We are excited to announce the launch of Google AdMob components on Thunkable!

With Ads by AdMob, all Thunkers will be able to test AdMob in their apps. Please note, only Thunkable PRO members will be able to download and publish apps with ads. We will be supporting:

  • AdMob Rewarded Video ads
  • AdMob Interstitial ads
  • AdMob Banner ads

Apps with AdMob must be approved subject to our review guidelines before they can be downloaded or published.

Looking for a sample app with ads? Try this dice rolling app. It includes a banner ad and will also show an interstitial ad anytime a six is rolled.

That is for X . not classic.

@domhnallohanlon . can you please confirm?

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Hi @selcuk_cetiner, thanks for your question.

This email was in fact sent by us - it should hopefully look something like this:

But if you have images turned off in your email it might not have been as clear who the sender was?

Two weeks ago we launched AdMob for Thunkable ✕. You can read more about it here:

At the moment any user can test AdMob in their app, but if you want to download or publish you need to be a PRO member.

If this is a component you’d like to use then you can upgrade your membership here

NOTE: There is no PRO option available in Classic

Confirmed! :smile:

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