About Earning Without Published play store

If I make a app and set admob ad unit without published play store I will be earn money? If yes my app any ad not show please explain about this.

Hi there,

You only make ads from AdMob if users are viewing/clicking on your ads.

You don’t necessarily have to distribute your app through Play Store, but you need to get people using your app to make money from AdMob ads.


Thanks for your reply.

I am new in thunkable and Admob I seen some tutorial in youtube. I try my best and make some app for ad showing also make some app for testing ad showing but ad don’t show where is the mistake i am not clear.

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We have an “error” block for each of the AdMob components that allows you to troubleshoot potential issues for yourself.


Take a look at this guide to see what your error code means and how to solve it.


I need help in blocks to show admob intersititial ads…I am not undestanding how to do it @thunkable , @Jane…so please help me

it has been 6 days @thunkablestaff that you have not replied to me so could you please reply

@thunkable you have not answered my query yet for 11 days…why are you so late for answer my query

@shreshtdugar23oct-23 - this is the Thunkable Community - it’s a place for Thunkable user to help one anther out.

Did you read the #communityguidelines?

Why haven’t you shared a screenshot of the blocks you are currently using?

Also, we have a full explanation in our docs:

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i have not coded for it i tried but it did not workout

And are you currently a monthly PRO or annual PRO subscriber @shreshtdugar23oct-23?

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How do you plan on distributing/promoting your app @dsuarez233p5y3n?

I am not a monthky pro member or an annual one…