Questions related to publishing to android play store

i have several questions about publishing an app to the android playstore.

  1. if i have a free (not PRO) thunkable account, can i specify at publish time that my app will have ads? if yes, who supplies the ads? google?
  2. if i have a free account, can i put a price on my app? (say $2.00) and by luck, 5000 people buy it? who gets paid what? do google and thunkable get a cut?
  3. if i have a pro account, can i specify that my app will have ads? is this where AdMob comes in? do i register to AdMob (for a fee?) does AdMob compute payments based on number of times ads were viewed while customers were using my app? who gets paid what? do google and thunkable get a cut?
  4. are there other entities similar to AdMob. Can we use them while we have a PRO account? or is this applicable to PRO accounts only?
  5. if we show ads, are we required to upload “apps-ads.txt” to the root directory of our website? is this a google requirement or AdMob requirement? are there instructions how to fill it out? if we only have a free google site account as our website, can we upload it to our root? how?
  6. since i have the ability to download the APK of my app, can i give away the APK to my friends, free? can i sell it?

1- Yes, you need a PRO account for the ads and you need to use AdMob.
2- Yes, you can. You will share the revenue with Google only.
3- You will need an AdMod account and you will need to assign Thunkable to manage it. Thunkable will take part of your ads earnings.
4- There are other ad providers but currently Thunkable has AdMob component only.
5- IDK
6- You are allowed to distribute android apps but not iOS apps.

Hope that helped.