When can i add Admob Ads in my app

Hello, I am very new to thunkable. I am making my first app on thunkable x . But there is no option to add Ads in my app. I read many conversations on thunkable community , which shows that thunkable currently don’t offer this feature in thunkable x.
My question is till when can i expect this feature in thunkable x. And when this feature will be out, can i add ads in my app after i publish my app on play store?

And one more thing , Please improve Thunkable live app android. Currently it is of no use . Whenever i do live test screen of thunkable live app go blank.

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I was hoping for the same thing too, lots of feature like clock,notification and etc which are the main component for most of my app aren’t available in thunkableX. Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer, i’m sure the devs are doing their best :slight_smile:

@Zhafran_Aiman_Khan_B and @App_akshay, you just need to wait for about 2 or 3 weeks. I also have that same situation here. Don’t worry everyone is phasing this problem on these days!.

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Is it possible yet to put ads on your app? It is a long time since these comments were written.

Sadly it’s still not available but instead they started focus on charging users

We need ads! You can’t charge us money and then not let us make money with our apps.

Thunkable ✕ is completely free to use @Lin - you can create projects and export them for Android and iOS at absolutely no cost. This includes access to the payment component which allows merchants to sell good and services (i.e. make money!) through their app.

There is a PRO option, where users can choose to pay for private projects and to remove our branding from the splash screen but you do not have to pay anything in order to use Thunkable ✕.

but how do we setup the ads now? it’s not like as easy as it was before

Hi @GadoProductions, nice to meet you!

AdMob is on it’s way and will be launched this year. As you can imagine, having the ability to drag-and-drop something like AdMob directly into an app and have it “just work” on Android and iOS is not a trivial task, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Since advertising rates are calculated per thousand views having as many users as possible will be important. I would recommend that you use the next few months to build a solid user base for your app - not just people who download your app, but people who actually use your app on a weekly or even daily basis - this way when you go to monetise your app you will have a healthy revenue stream.

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