Question about LocalDB


I think Local DB improve like Excel or somethink like that.
Because of not seeing more Column or i didnt delete or add a row for between rows.
If i add huge charecters for some table it will not seeing on primarly.

When can i add Admob Ads in my app

hey @Doctor_Soft, I’ve moved this to a new topic because it doesn’t seem to be related to the original topic of AdMob.

If you are working with larger data sets in the LocalDB I would recommend copy and pasting from Google Sheets or Excel.

If LocalDB doesn’t suit your specific requirements then Airtable is a great component too.


Thanks. But i want to be quick and fast app.
It must doesnt require internet.
I want little improve.
Local Db’s area is so small you can see.
I didnt see what can i add on tables.


And i used Airtable after than send to my itunes connect but apple store sent me a message. This app is not fast. I told they i am using Airtable bla bla.
Now i am good for local db but i want to see some improve.


Is it possible to TEXT editor include color change and bold/italic text etc.