Question about LocalDB

I think Local DB improve like Excel or somethink like that.
Because of not seeing more Column or i didnt delete or add a row for between rows.
If i add huge charecters for some table it will not seeing on primarly.

hey @doctorsof, I’ve moved this to a new topic because it doesn’t seem to be related to the original topic of AdMob.

If you are working with larger data sets in the LocalDB I would recommend copy and pasting from Google Sheets or Excel.

If LocalDB doesn’t suit your specific requirements then Airtable is a great component too.

Thanks. But i want to be quick and fast app.
It must doesnt require internet.
I want little improve.
Local Db’s area is so small you can see.
I didnt see what can i add on tables.

And i used Airtable after than send to my itunes connect but apple store sent me a message. This app is not fast. I told they i am using Airtable bla bla.
Now i am good for local db but i want to see some improve.

Is it possible to TEXT editor include color change and bold/italic text etc.

Will it be possible to set font thickness, font color of articles in Local DB? Or is there a way to do this?

The localDB is not a user-facing component, so all the content will be the same font size etc.

You could create an additional column to manually set font weight, colour etc.

Give me a few minutes and I’ll see if I can do an example.

Yep, only took 10 minutes or so to get this working with font weights and colours.

In your localDB just add the values into their own columns:


Then in your blocks, read the values from the relevant cells like this:

Hope that helps!

Thanks. I want to edit/bold/color some small words in paragraph. Is that possible from Spreadsheet/Airtable?

Got it.

I don’t think so right now unfortunately.

Is the preventing you from completing your app?

My old application, but users can not read comfortably in some of the text in the darker parts of some parts of the user to read in terms of color would be more comfortable to say.