Local DB How Can I Use?

I made 3 columns with Local DB.
Listviewer seeing first column. When i click one any item i want to see Second and Third Column value in Text. How can i do?

Paste the blocks please :slight_smile:

I didn’t create blocks.Because of it is not similar to Spreadsheet blocks.

Can you help make it easier to help you. We need more information and an example of what you are doing and what is not working. It helps us diagnose which you being @doctorsof should appreciate.

The reason I asked Local DB How Can I Use?

was to get an idea of what the clicking and visual aspects you have setup are. Often times variables can be zombied leaving old information or not updating properly.

You can see what i am saying.

This is same row, Going to right >>>

Check out this project using local db

and a video:

Thanks but my app little complicated.
I have two local db. Theese will be connect.
I want to click one item first local db i want to see second local db more information that first local db’s item.


Your diagram shows one localDB, Can you expand it to show how two local DB’s would be used.


I have no idea.

I want to search in column local db.
How can i get?


You can check my trial blocks and local db.
Why Local DB componen doesnt has a get all row or get all column?

Thanks for Thunkable Team.
But when i was search some item after than click item screen 2 doesnt true info seeing from local db.
Firstly You can check to click one item, secondly after than you can search same item to click. What did you see?That’s not same. Why? What is problem for blocks. Thanks