Problem Creating new Row in List from Local DB

Hi Good day!

I’m doing a module to display data from each row from Local DB and i have 3 Local DB which is I have to put temporarily my data and upload later on Airtable.
For further explanation here is the link of my project.

When your project is this complex and you want help with a specific part of it, it helps if you explain where to find the part you need help with.

Because this is a bit overwhelming:

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Can you clarify the issue you are experiencing?

Also, @tatiang is right, it looks complex. Any idea which blocks do function correctly? Perhaps collapsing them in a screenshot to help the viewer focus on the blocks/code that aren’t doing what you want.

And just from a programmer perspective, any time I see repeated pattern values (get #21, get #22, get #23, etc.), I see an opportunity to make your code much shorter and more efficient. Something like a list or in some cases a spreadsheet will allow you to replace 200 blocks with 20.

Dude. So true. You gave me this advice recently. It allowed me to decrease blocks by a lot and increase the functionality. I replaced 50 different variables with 5 lists of values stored in their own variable.

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