Saving New Data(add new row fn) in Local DB

Dear Thunkers,

Am trying to add a new row to my thunkable local db by use of text input . However after adding the data when I open the DB the data has not been added…
I have followed previous similar topics but did not seem to find a solution.
Local DB is really important for my quiz app since it’s designed to work offline.
Any help offered will be highly appreciated

I remember there was some problem with this, but then it was solved, as far as I remember.

Display the value of all blocks on the screen to understand the problem.

Are you sure that the add row function is called? If this is the case, does the number of rows in local DB change after this?

The function is called and in fact I added a function to search and display the contents of the table sequentially and it shows the new data as the last one , but funny thing is that it doesn’t save the data.
I will share the blocks shortly

I think you wrote the question incorrectly. Local DB does not store data on disk between executions of the application. Why did you decide that this component should save data when you reopen the app?

I agree with you fully,
So, is there a work around where I can add new data to the local db and be able to access it next time or is there no way to save data offline in xthunkable.

Use stored variables

Ok , thats workable, but the kind of data am trying to save is of high volume…hundreds of rows of quiz questions. Will it be efficient to use variables for this task?

There is no concept of a local database in Thunkable X. However, you can store any data structures (simple values, lists, object lists, JSON, trees, stacks, and more) in the stored variable. The efficiency of working with data will depend not on the variable, but on the data structure you choose and the algorithm for working with it.

Unfortunately, blocks have a limit on the size of the data they can work with. If the amount of data exceeds 1 Megabyte, you may encounter problems when working with such a piece of data.

Thank you for this insight, I will experiment on this. I will leave this thread open for the meantime and if no new comments or contributions from others I will mark it as solved.
Thank you for your input.


just to ask, use store variable in local db or just use store variable?

just to ask, use store variable in local db or just use store variable?

Use stored variable - изображение this select “stored”

why i am getting vertical in list view?




What did you expect to get? The result depends on the blocks used.