Alternative for TinyWebDB in Thunkable X

Hi, is there an alternative method of TinyWebDB in Thunkable X as I can’t seem to find it.

Hi @Abanoub_Gallah, welcome to the Thunkable Community :wave:

We have a wide variety of data storage option to choose from - take a look at them all here:

The one that will probably best suit your need is the LocalDB component

Last I checked the LocalDB has a bug and was not persistent. Is that still an issue?

Have you filed a bug report about this @Cian_O_Sullivan?

Thank you but could you show me how to use it logging username and passwords

I have not.

I reported it here.

This is the first I saw about having to go to github to report a bug, which I do not think is very practical.

Off topic, but just to clarify, you don’t think GitHub is very practical? Or something else?