Tiny DB, create a favourites and shopping list


I am trying to create a recipe app and want users to be able to save recipes to a meal planner list and also save the ingredients for each recipe to a shopping list. I believe i need to use tinyDB to store this data. If so as I am using the free starter version as a beginner, is Tiny DB only available on upgrade? If so will the next one up from starter include the tiny DB as i cant find the info on the features. Many thanks.

I think you might be reading some very old documentation. I don’t believe that’s a feature of Thunkable any longer.

You can store data in a local database that you create or in cloud databases such as Google Sheets, Airtable and Firebase. Here is the current documentation: Data Sources - Thunkable Docs

oh right. It’s just i want to create a favourites page and pull ingredients into a shopping list and i was lead to believe that if i didn’t use a tiny DB then the data would not be stored after an app session. I cant find any videos on creating a save to favourites button or how to pull data into a list that will then be able to stay on after they log out. Or am I being stupid?

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