Can this be created in Thunkable

I have found this as an example. But this is created with MIT app inventor. Can this also be done in Thunkable ? This is a app that works wijt TinyDB and check if there is a value in the db.

there is a local Storage (tinyDB) in both thunkable classic and Thunkable X. So yes it is possible.

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Yes. it’s possible. as @samclever mentioned, there is a local Storage (tinyDB)

We can do through that…

Plz Have a look :

You may rename the Local_Storage1 with tiny db, and treat key as tag for ease. :smile:

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Ahah,idk the local storage means tinydb. …
(Didn’t touch classic

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Even I using it for sign in , register account. For almost blurred.

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I will try this solution. Thanks for the answers.


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Does not work yet. Here is the project. What I want is following. Creating a password stored in local db and when the next time open the app check if the password is there with a flag and then go to the other screen when flag is 1 otherwise give a password and then go to other screen.
link example project: my example

Try this now :

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Thank you Kartik, this works.

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Glad to see you got a solution to this Jean-Pierre,

Jane has an alternative approach here with saved details:

And if you continue down that thread, there is also an auto-login example by @BlueWhaleYT