How to pass data to x.Thunkable app?

I am new to the x.Thunkable and I need to load an app written in x.Thunkable and pass some parameters to it from MIT AI2 app. I tried using Local storage with the same name as TinyDB1 but it does not work.
In AI2: call TinyDB1.StoreValue tag=“varTag”
In x.Thunkable call TinyDB1.Get key=“varTag”

Any suggestions?

Local storage doesn’t use the same back end.

Have you considered using Firebase?

Thank you for your response. It helped me to find an alternative (3-rd) below.

The issue with using Firebase or any data base is that I will need to have a common key available in both AI2 and x-Thunkable, for AI2 to pass to x-Thunkable. For example the users telephone number would work if I could pass the telephone number to x-Thunkable. But that is not available in x-Thunkable.

I could use the time of day in milliseconds but I can’t find a function in x-Thunkable that will give that.

The 3-rd alternative is that I ask the user the common key (telephone number) and save it to local storage during setup in the first run in both AI2 and x-Thunkable.

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