How to passing value to another screen?

I want to pass value from current screen to another screen. In thunkable classic has code in this picture but thunkable x not has. Please someone help me to solve this problem.

In Thunkable X you have to store your value in a Local Storage (save) and when you open the other screen you call the same Local Storage (get) and you’ll have your value.
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Thunkable X is reactNative bases…so, its a little diferent than thunkable classic

This doesn’t seem to work for me.

It works when I only have one variable to store. Then I can pull it up on the next screen. But when I create a second local storage with a second key, it overwrites the first one. Bug?

If you set a different tagname it is working my project has this and is working fine

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I think I figured this out- I was using a variable instead of a string as the key. Seems to work now- but I have another problem. I want to assign the value I get from LocalStorage to a variable, without having to call the LocalStorage.get block every time. I just want to call it once and then assign it to a variable at the top of the new screen. Then use the variable as normal. But it doesn’t work- if I don’t do all of the operations on the value inside of the LocalStorage.get under (, it just doesn’t work. What’s the point of getting a value from another screen if I can’t assign that value to a new variable on the next screen and then do whatever I want with it?

May you share the blocks ? It’s supposed to work


Are you sure the value is a number ? Otherwise try just using the “enterednumber” variable and set the variable to “value + 1” directly in the get of localstorage