How to i use local storage db in my app

Hello everybody,

Help me to link local storage database used for make offline game in android. So how it possible ??


Look it this

For this Which type of database is use ?

This is not a database in the literal sense of the word, it’s a store of “key-value” pairs. If you need SQLite, then the database in Thunkable X no.

assume you i want to build quize gmae app. So first of all i need to enter data in to database.

Then user click on play button and then option display to user.

So i first insrted data in to db. So how it do ??

Why do you need to enter data into the database? The data can be entered in a string or in a list, which is then placed in the local storage.

Sorry i am not understand ??

String or list means ??

You can create the data in Excel. Correctly? Then, this data can be copied to the Thunkable text block. Further, this data text block can be saved in Local Storade. If the data is needed on another screen, we get this data from the Local Storage according to the key assigned to them.


This data i will stord in local storage db into version of thuncable x , i am right ??

can i use it in frist version of thuncable >


If you need a cloud database, then you can use Firebase or AirTable.

no no .

i want to create game pure offline, i want not required internet connection during playing game so ,

i will use to local storage

In this case, only Local Storage is available. In some other development environments, the local SQLite database is still available.

sqlite database available in thuncable ??

Yes, for Thunkable Classic (extension):

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Thank you bro