Store users password and email

basically when first time you press log in it takes you to someother screen (screen1) where you fill in details and upon submit a label value is stored in a variable and when next time you open app after logging out the screen sees if the text is present if it is the.same log in button takes you to screen 2.

I want users email and password to be already pre written so person just has to press log in button not type email and password everytime I tried local storage. I tried local dB I tried local storage but nothing worked

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Did you try the sign in component by firebase?

Check this video out:
Thunkable X Sign Up Login Screen MasterClass

Video by: @Darren

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Also you should look at the thunkable docs:

You might be interested in this other video, too.

Video by: @Darren

Thunkable X Sign Up Login Screen MasterClass (Part 2)

Not to be rude but if videos could help my issue I wouldn’t be posting here showing my blocks now would I ?

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Thunkable X Sign Up Login Screen MasterClass (Part 2) might be a answer to your problem. Go to 8:10 on the video.

Have you watched the videos?

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Yeah that’s how I have my sign in log in but my question is why is local storage not working what am I doing wrong my sign in sign up works fine

Sometimes Your apps get too big. The limit is 50 MB for one app.

Reviewing & Managing App Size Limits in Thunkable X

By: @Darren

Watch the video and see if this is your problem.

Do you have a share link?

Oh my god :man_facepalming:t2: Did anyone replying even read my question saw my blocks

We’re only trying to help. If that’s how you’re going to be then sorry.

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