Creating a Log In/Sign Up Page on Thunkable X

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a log in/sign up page on my Thunkable X app. I’ve completed the design and have a few blocks that I have followed from the “tutorial” on Thunkable X Docs:

However, the “tutorial” seems to have missed out some blocks as I cannot find/work out how to have “in Sign_In1 call SignIn”. I’ve attached images of what is shown in the “tutorial” and also of what I have done so far. Thanks.

Here’s what is shown in the “tutorial”:

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I think it can be empty.
or you can put it like this.

Are you using the sign in component in your app?

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Hi! Thanks for the help - I was using the sign in component and I’ve got it all solved now.

No problem at all @AyushS, do you mind telling me what the issue was so that future users can have the benefit of your experience?


Hi @AyushS,

Just check if you signup again, does the firebase sign-in issues any error ? or it just simple registers without showing any error.

I found that error while building my app so sharing the issue with you.

Let me know your test results.

hello I have the same problem with x.thunkable I could not create the blocks for this.

my app is for android and ios

my database is in firebase


I was struggling to find the “in Sign_In1 call SignIn” - it turns out this was just in the Firebase component.

Could you send me an image of your current blocks please?

Yeah I have the same issue too.

So what you need to do is write blocks for checking the database for existing user id, if found then don’t add new data. Just ask them to login. If not found then register them. That way will work.

Do you have example blocks for this? I’m not quite sure how to do that.

I am building it and will share with u in 2 days.


If you want to see my project and my firebase, write me to the email and give me your email to give you authorizations

Hi @AyushS

You can use the image to get index number… and verify the existing login id or checking the passwords.

Any queries, ask me back…


Hi Good day,

is there is anybody has an idea about this. it has a registration form connected in firebase along side with login. im still finding on this forum but i found it on Thunkable classic. Thank you for your help