[Solved] Sign in email verify

Hi there, I am currently using the firebase sign-in component. I found that if the account doesn’t exist and use the sign-in method instead of sign up, it still send an email to verify. Is there a way to force the user to sign-up instead of sign-in?

Hi i’ve had the same problem and overcome it. If you look at the
purple block saying Sign in and on the right it will say either sign in or sign up. If it says sign in you have to do nothing and it should be ok but if it says sign up you have to click on it and change it to sign in and then it should work.

Hopefully this will help, Will!


I think you got me wrong. What I mean is
Everythings works fine, it is just that if I use sign in block to a non-existed account, it will work like signing up. I need the user to add more info when signing up. Therefore if the user just sign up using the sign in component, the info wont be got.

It is so weird that it wont sign up using sign in method. Thx for your time. The problem solved.

Has it worked or do you need more help?

there’s no need. I have fixed the problem. Thx for your time again :wink:

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Np well done for fixing the problem