Help me login and make store data user login

login in screen1

after login open screen2 and how get value data user login from airtable?

Help me solution please…

Hey @DSTV,

Are you building an sign up screen and looking to then add login functionality?


This post should be all you need. this is from @jane however there are several follow up comments that are helpful so you should read through the entire thread!

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for register i can used block but get value user login i dont can help me block usage

For having a log in feature, please for you and your users sake to log in, use Firebase Authentication. You could get in a lot of trouble if you store their actual password in plain text and having it accessible to you.

A bonus with Firebase Authentication is you get the password securely stored, you get tools such as delete or disable account, and you can also see when someone last logged in and it’s much easier to use than doing this with Airtable, which again I do not recommend, ever.


thanks for recommended friend…i try

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And also firebase (after understanding how to use its rules, which is not so easy) allows you to give access to certain users only to certain data, theirs or stored on firebase by someone else, only to registered users, public etc