Using Airtable instead of Local Table

Hello thunkers !
Today my issue is to optimize the speed that my app is dealing with large data (that is in need to be sorted and so on).
Ok, so here i am. Any logged user can create its own event that involves, in certain situations, large amount of data. Now, my app is saving those on Firebase, and when in needed by that user, it extracts and populate some local tables, then starts to make calculations that requires alot of time in some cases.
I started to learn about Airtable. I`ve created those tables there, and with help from auto-sorting, automation and so on, the things are moving much faster (already linked with a test project and things looks really nice).
And here come my problem.
Using local tables, any logged user have his data on his phone, and will not mess with another user logged in in the same time. Airtable, on the other hand, offers data available for all at the same time.
I thought about a filter that will show to a user only its own records. But on free version of Airtable theres only 1.200 records available, and i cant anticipate how many users can be online in the same time - maybe 1.200 records are not enough.
And my question: is there a way to “clone” or something a table from Airtable just for the use of a particular user a a time ? Or how do you see this issue ?
Thank you for your time.

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Why not just use a local database? Or use Firebase but make sure you are using Realtime DB blocks and not cloud variables (which are slow).


i wish i knew what are you talking about (local database :thinking:), but im still a learning beginner and ill figure it out :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
thank you for the tip

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This is an example of a DB block

This is asynchronous which means it will not hold the other part of the code until it completes its own process therefore your app acts faster.

In comparison, this is the cloud block
This block will halt the execution of all subsequent blocks until its own process completes therefore your app will seem slower.


i see… but im already using it, as you tought me how to deal with asyncronous and so on

(only a lil example here)
My problem comes after, when i need the lists to be sorted or do some calculations to values… (that needs time)
After that, i put resulted in local tables linked to lists or data lists and that is time-consuming also
With something like Airtable i will just extract values from cloud database, put values there, let Airtable do autocalculations as needed and those tables can be already linked to my list views.

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I think what you are calling “local tables” is what I mean by “local databases”:

"database"is a little too much, if you ask me, for a table that doesnt support any of basic operations, as sorting :relaxed:

It’s very, very limited… yes. :slightly_frowning_face:

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