Local Data Source Table very slow

I have seen this commented on a few times before and wondered if it is actually being looked at by the developers or if I need to just work with a different option for local data storage.
I built an app using Airtable as the data storage and it returns a filtered hand full of records from around 1600 in the table in a very respectable couple of seconds. I have now replicated the same app using local ‘Data Source’ Table and it takes around 8 seconds to return 10 fitered records from only 20 in the table.
The Airtable and local Data Source tables are identical with the same 10 fields and the apps are identical apart from the local version using the ‘Get Value From’ and the Airtable version using the ‘Get Property Of Object’.
It would appear I can retrieve and fiter data from several thousand miles away far quicker than I can from on the actual device.

Firebase had your phones system beat too.

The process is likely different though.
I think that when you use the local data source, that every time you call a value from it it is actually literally calling out to the data table. However, when you do a air table search you are calling out to the data source one time it returns a large list of data and then your phone filters the data. I could be wrong but I think that’s what’s going on. So if you’re looking for 1600 different values from a filter data source you’re likely reaching out to the data table 1600 times.

Do you have an example of this you can share.


Hi Jared, Yes I agree, the missing link would be a ‘Get All Rows’ block for the local data source.

Any chance of the ‘Get All Rows’ block for the local data source? @domhnallohanlon

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