Data source to airtable very slow

Hi All,
I am using airtable as a database. Recently i found it very slow respond especially from screen1 to screen 2.
Here it is my block and maybe you guys can suggest me alternative block or other way solve the issue.


Each data source call such as a Get Value block takes some time. To speed this up, get a row object from Airtable (or us the filterByFormula command in the Airtable API) and then get the object property of that object using the column name as the property value.

That way you’re only making one call to Airtable.

@tatiang ,

Thank you for your advice. If i can have sample block what mentioned just now would be appreciated.

my airtable don’t even load sometime at this dont even know how to fix that

yeah it frustrated when you already completed the block.

This is the general idea:

Instead of making multiple calls to a cloud-based data source, you make one call for the entire row and then you make multiple calls to a local variable to get the properties (column names) from that row object. This is much faster.

Thank you @tatiang . let me try on this