(solved) Airtable slow only in one screen. Why?

Hello everybody,
I made this app with thunkable without problems except that the data taken from the airtable database load very slowly in a specific screen: Scrren4 lista e scheda.

The procedure I use to upload data from airtable is this:

  1. screen 0 Caricamento: get all row and set listabeni, listaguide and listanegozi to empty list, then fill the list with filtered data based on condition.
  2. in each screen (to do, guide) filter the elements according to the conditions, show them in lisview and, when item is cliked, show the row.

It works perfectly and quickly but in the “list and tab” screen the same procedure works slowly.

Can you tell me why and how to modify to speed it up?

@actech @jane can you help me?

I don’t understand. What can I do to have an answer?

how slow is it compared to filtering the data on another screen.

is there some piece of code that executes before the filtering takes place?

I can quickly filter over 100 records, each with 15 properties, so individual cells filtered through in a second or less usually. sometimes, it’s longer now that i am doing regression on the values before viewing them

  1. It takes 1 or 2 seconds to filter the data and show the clicked item of the list view on screen “Guide” and “to do” but, with the same prcedure, it takes 10 or 11 seconds on screen “lista guide”.

  2. No, all the filter operations are made in the screen “caricamento” In the others screen there are only a few blocks.

  3. Could the proble be the airtable database? It has 141 records



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Solution: put break the loop

glad you figured it out! Sorry I couldn’t help.

could you share a screenshot of your fix?

Great work :mechanical_arm:

Don’t worry, thanks anyway. Here is the solution.

Maybe you can help with another question: map continues to crash with android device (works with iOS) can you help?

when does it crash? after a particular action in the app?

it crash when the maps opens, without particular actions (also without location sensor). on ios it works fine. I read some topics on the community but the only solution is to works with maps api and i don’t wanto to pay and don’t know api