[SOLVED] Slow Airtable get all rows

Hello everybody,
I made this app with thunkable without problems except that the data taken from the airtable database load very slowly in a specific screen: Scrren4 lista e scheda.

The procedure I use to upload data from airtable is this:

screen 0 Caricamento: get all row and set listabeni, listaguide and listanegozi to empty list, then fill the list with filtered data based on condition.
in each screen (to do, guide) filter the elements according to the conditions, show them in lisview and, when item is cliked, show the row.
It works perfectly and quickly but in the “list and tab” screen the same procedure works slowly.

Can you tell me why and how to modify to speed it up?

Any help?

Hi, @trawellit, I just tried to run your app and it crashed… I’m sorry. I didnt get past picking a language

giphy (18)

Hi @jared and thanks for your reply,
I tested the project of the app with an iPhone and it works, it works with android phones also.

Can you check this project?

I see nothing after language selection
Maybe you ran out of data for airtable free plan?

This is something I’m interested to understand as an early adopter of airtable.

(btw, sono italiano)

thanks to @actech I solved the problem. I inserted the “break loop”.
If I can help, tell me in private.

Grazie a Actech ho risolto il problema. Ho inserito il “break loop”.

Se posso aiutarti dimmi pure in privato.