GetAllRown in new drag&drop UI


Im working with the new drag&drop UI with an application that has an Airtable connection.
I see there is no getAllRows so i can the work on the properties of each row…insrtead we have list of values wich will just get one column or get row object wichj would need to connect X numbers of times if you need to apply cetain filters based on the value of a column value.

Am i missing somehting? With this apporach the app get very slow as i need to connect many times to the database. My airtable has 6K rows…


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I think just about any approach where you try to sync all of your data to your project with 6,000 rows will be very slow.

Why do you need all of the data within the app? Can you use Airtable’s API to filter and sort as needed instead?

See this: The AirTable API (a more efficient way to integrate AirTable with Thunkable) - #44 by jared


Do you need to retrieve all the data at once? I too noticed recently that we didn’t have that block for data sources anymore but most of the time we don’t need it all either.

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You could be right about the GetAllRows but for most of the searches, only one column is required and for that reason the list of values becomes a more convenient way. You do not even need to use for each item loop to find what you need.

See this example

This works much better for long lists than the old method of looping through all contents.

Hi all

Correct. the new functions are usefull but i have a case where a use airtable table where i have a set of information (different columns) where i need to show information in the UI based on the value of various columns at the same time.

With the old UI i could fetch all rows at once and then play with the getProperty function wich as is done in memory is much faster.

Ive also noticed that retrieving values with the getValues functions takes more time than before…in this example im looking for the row ID based on the list loaded when i start the app and its taking 5 to 7 seconds every time…

In this step im loading the list with all the values, it takes around 20 sec to load 5K values

In this step im loading the information os a column based on the name column (wich is unique) and its taking around 6 sec

Are you experiencing the same?

Wow, 20 second is too long to wait. Your other option is to use Airtable API as previously suggested.

Thanks, ill work on the API, although id first test this app on the standart UI to see wether is the implementation of the new functions or normal behaviour

Thanks for the feedbaks!

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Hi @muneer I tested with the API and it works incredebly well, thanks for your suggestion.


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