Get All & Get Selected Rows functions - where art thou?

Hi Thunkers,

I’m attempting to retrieve data from a DB and came across the “Get All Rows” and " Get Selected Rows" in the documentation
Trouble is I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my project.
Can anyone confirm if these functions have been depreciated? If so what is the new alternatives?

Thanks all!

Which datasource are you using? And older interface, or the new drag-and-drop?

Using the older interface and pulling from Airtable

You’re right, I don’t see those options either! The code below gets a list of all the row IDs (ID is a special column) and then you could do something with it in a loop. (Don’t just set the same variable each time like I did, or you’ll just get the last row.)

@jane, I think we’ve got a gremlin in those docs?


Thanks! So i’m not losing the plot!
I’ll try your workaround…

When you connect Airtable using the Data Source “+” option you would get a set of blocks different than those when you set the connection using Airtable component.

GetAllRows is a block associated with using the Airtable invisible component only.


Hi there,

These docs are for the Airtable component, which can be found in the snap-to-place UI under Data:

As you can see, these blocks are present in the Airtable component’s drawer of blocks:

The Airtable component predates the Data Sources integration and has a different set of docs.

Hope that explains things @ukhollywood29l and @catsarisky! Thanks @muneer for explaining the difference as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @muneer & @catsarisky for your explanation and loop example :slight_smile: , cheers Jane for the screenshot this helped massively.

A top tip to my past self and Thunkers that come across this issue.
Whilst I was already using the air table component in my custom data viewer list using an datasource, will work perfectly. But doing it like this is building with one hand tied behind your back, not specifically connecting the Airtable to my project as per examples above mean you are unable to call many of the functions referenced in examples, which help simplify the development process.

@jane is there a specific reason why you get different options in each case? It would be good to understand the reason… e.g. bug or feature :wink: