[Solved] Airtable losing data

Hi guys

In my application I fetch data in airtable to display in thunkable.
Sometimes the data is loaded correctly, but sometimes only part of the data is loaded.
I realized that I lose data when the internet connection is slower.
Has anyone had this problem ? … any solution for thunkable to wait for the full data load?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Kalil :wave:

Can you share a small screenshot of the blocks you are using to fetch the data (and handle it after it is retrieved) ?


Hi how is your data placed in Airtable. Are you getting an item from a column then all the data in its row? Or is the data different and or spread out differently.

If you are pulling data from a row you only need to make 1 request as the row returns objects in JSON.

if you are pulling a lot of data and you don’t want it to mess up, consider implementing a check feature, and maybe at 4 stages during the request process, run the get data code again and check if each item isn’t empty (example is if a label is not blank). and if it is call the request again.

also when requesting data from a database, I always have a loading feature built in. you can make a progress bar also if you are pulling a lot of data so the user can see how much is left to load. this means that the user knows data is being loaded and that they won’t be shown half loaded data.

Thanks for answering me promptly …

In the field indicated with the arrow … sometimes I have 2 values ​​and sometimes 3 values ​​… when the correct one would be 3 values

What does AUX1_FIND_PROD2 function blocks look like? are you trying to get the last item in a list, or a specific item in a list?

I am slightly confused as to what you are doing. Are you searching the list from column and then picking the second item in that list?

Can you explain in better detail what is going on. Thanks!

There is a table with several columns and several rows
I am filtering the column data to get rows that satisfy the condition.
Usually after the filter there should be a few lines left.
But when I apply the filter, sometimes it returns the number of right lines and sometimes missing lines.
I am not looking for a fixed row in the table.
In the example I am applying, the correct is to return 3 lines, but sometimes only return 2 lines and other times return the 3 lines correctly.
Apparently when the internet is slower and when it returns the wrong number of lines.
I hope I could explain it better.

And are you searching the main column (the column that is on the very left hand side of Airtable), and then pulling data from the item row?

So let’s say the column on the left has a list of car types, and when you search for one, do you get the info about the car you searched for and then two similar car types and information about them also. I am just trying to understand. Airtable loads fine for me on slow connections.

Using the example of cars … lol
In the first column I select black cars … will return me 20 cars
Next I select the ones that have 4 doors … will return me 10 cars.
Next I select the ones that are turbo … 3 cars left.

These last 3 cars that should appear in the app … but sometimes only 2 cars appear.

I am losing data, an example … of 10 equal operations … 7 return correct and 3 fail.

Okay so you are filtering your results as such?

So you need to show the results that have all the boxes checked.

I still don’t believe this is an issue with slow internet. Is there any chance that your results can only return 2 items as there are only 2 items, and not 3?

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Hi there,

A little hint.

The blocks are structured so that multiple requests to the remote server occur in the loop.
This is a fundamentally wrong algorithm that will always work with errors.

To reliably work with data that is on the server, you first need to load all the data into the application and then work with them locally.

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So !!! I changed the way I make the filter as shown in the picture and now the results are returning correctly.

Thank you for your hard work and help.