Airtable data loading slowly

Hello All, I am facing a new problem. Let me describe it. I am creating a quiz app. There are six categories and each category there are about 150 question. I completed 4 categories question and they are about 550 question. I have used one spreadsheet in airtable.So there are 550 rows. My first and second categories questions are appearing at normal time period but 3rd and 4th are delaying about 1.5 and 2 seconds respectively. How can I solve it?



To avoid data loading delays and many other problems, download all data from AirTable 1 time at the beginning of application initialization and then work with them locally.

Could you please show me a little bit how to download.

Do not forget to add error handling to this block.


Is it meaning I have to add only a empty list in my block then filling the empty list with the row values?

If you need to list in a List Viewer, then an empty list is needed. And to download data from the Table, a list is not needed. Just use the variable as in the block shown.

I did this such like the below jpg. It improves only a few milliseconds but not as my expectation.timeinterval

my second try with global variable. Can’t understand the question mark .global%20var

@actech for your information if i don’t check network connection after each question then it performs super fast. But i want to keep user online in my app.

@actech actually t happens while the phone is connected with interenet

Why do you need to constantly check your network connection?

because of admob.

Is the data in AirTable somehow related to this?

In this case, I can say only one thing: either advertising, or the quick operation of the application.

revised : i removed the network connection loop and tested the app with internet on then it performed same. but switching of mobile internet it works super fast.

i want to display adv after a certain period.

Thunkable X is a single-threaded environment. It is in Java that you can create several threads that will work simultaneously and quickly. But here you need to understand that if you incorrectly create a cycle with constant polling, then this will slow down the entire work flow of the application.