Downloading from airtable to local data

My app lags when i request data and i would like help to do this.
I have seen something similar in the community but it is just for a sheet, i want to download airtable data each time i start my app


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I am sure others would find this very useful especially for those that want thier apps running fast even when internet connectivity is slow

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Can you give some indication about your data size?

Number of tables?
Number of rows in each table?
Number of columns in each row?

Total number of rows to be retrieved at each start up?

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Just 2 tables
any number of rows because its a table that gets populated each time a new user signs up
any number of columns
The whole row should be retrieved

“My app lags” could really be caused by just about anything. Maybe you have a loop that contains a block that takes a while to retrieve data… maybe there’s some other reason but there’s no way to know without seeing your project or at least screenshots of the relevant blocks.

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Sorry sir, i meant to say app lags in retrieving data when internet connectivity is slow.
I would like to learn how to download records from airtable

There are already many resources available for learning to do that. Just Google airtable Thunkable. If you watch a tutorial video and read the documentation and still have questions, post a screenshot of your blocks and someone can help you.

I have seen that but unfortunately its only for legacy ui and not dnd ui

What part of getting data are you having trouble with? Have you seen this? [Solved] Where is Airtable in the new UI? - #2 by domhnallohanlon

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Getting a cell looks like this:

Getting a row:

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im trying to download/import a whole table into into local table at screen start

Ok this is also helpful thanks

Please also consider this question

You will need to loop through the rows in Airtable and create a row for each one in your local data source.