How to copy all data from Airtable to LocalDB in one click?

My app is an online store app. It has to download all data from Airtable to LocalDB at starting.
I need it because it’s taking much time to show the details of the selected item in DVL or DVG when user clicks an item.
How to download all the data from Airtable to LocalDB?

why no one is responding?

You can loop through the rows in your Airtable database and create a row in the local database for each iteration of the loop. But it’s going to need a Wait block inside the loop for at least 0.03 seconds (you’ll need to test different values). It’s going to take a while to complete that with a large database.

Thank you very much, May I know the purpose of the “wait block” please?

Also, will you please explain me how to use the “get row objects” block for above purpose?

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