Dataviewer with localDB going blank

There’s a local DB in my program that is gets added data when a user clicks the button “buy” in the dataviewer (custom design shown below)


Here’s how i transfer the data from the airtable to the localDB in the app:


But when I go over to the page that has the data viewer that displays the data in the localDB I get a blank screen, I thought it was because of the image links. So i tried to transfer and show the data with another airtable instead of a localDB and it worked fine but in my case i need to use a local DB. i’m quite stumped on what i’m doing wrong because i can’t see how the datas transfering from the airtable to the local DB, any tips?

I can add more information if i didn’t already, or if this is too vague of a question i can make a simpler version.