Images dissappearing from dataviewer when stored in local db

I have a dataviewer that retrieves data from a local db. This local db is populated by users choosing entries in another dataviewer. This includes text and images. This all works fine - the user presses an item in a dataviewer and a row is created in the local db, duplicating the data. However, after a few hours, if the user returns to the dataviewer that is linked to the local db, it only contains text and the images have disappeared/not loaded.

I have set the dataviewer to refresh when the page opens but it just doesnt seem able to load the images. This is the case with an apk of the app too.

Hello @tomwilburwright7vu
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Could you please share how you are saving the images in the local DB? As a text?
How do you update the data in the local DB?
Could you please share a screenshot? It will help me understand better.