Get saved photos from localbdb


I don’t think it should be that complicated but I’m not managing to make it.
I’m trying to retrieve photos that I saved in a row to the local DB.
what is the way to do it?
I tried with different variables but nothing I tried has been working so far.

I would really appreciate your help.
thanks in advance!

Local dB is for text values only, I believe. Perhaps @actech or @Domhnall have more insight into how the LocalDB works. It’s basically a text based spreadsheet, right?

You could though, save the photo to a stored variable I think. Recall it that way.

You do mean a photo the user takes, right?


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Jared said it correctly. In LocalDB you can save a text link to an image or the image itself in base64 text format

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I did mean for photos I taking as a user.
I’m creating a diary with the list viewer component in which a click on the item opens a page that needs to show - picture/record/note.
as you can see in the attached picture it did save the picture I took to the local DB and showed it in the list viewer.
if it saved and shown shouldn’t be a way to take it from the local DB that for sure saved it and show it on the picture page?
what am I missing here?

What prevents you from taking a value from a table and displaying it on another screen?

none of the block i’m using are making the photo appear…

This is a bit surprising, because I made an example without problems.

You wrote that you can add a camera shot to the DataSource and show it in the Data Viewer List. If so, then you can take it and display it on the second screen.

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amazing! it works with photos. but with audio records it doesn’t. do you know how to make it work also?

nevermind it’s working with the record also. thank you so much!