Upload images in local db

Hi, am trying to upload images for my quizz questions in thinkable x. The destination is local db. Since students in my area have no connectivity so all questions should be in the download package.

If you upload your picture into the “Files” tab on the side, then you can just use the “Image” component
to house the image you want, and it will already be in the download package, without having to use the internet to view it.

Also, question… If students in your area have no connectivity, how are you going to send them the download package?

P.S. If you already have that figured out, just ignore that I even said it, I just wanted to make sure you have a way to do that.
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  1. Students will have a one of chance to download the package in the school cyber cafe…but no internet at home.
  2. I need images for quizz questions in the local db spreadsheet, not on the screen. I already have the questions, answers and the blocking. But some questions need images in columns, some thing like what air table does.
    Thank you again

Hi @general_tonje, you could possibly add a bunch of image components that have the images set, and then when fetching the images you would just have to use the from (image) get picture block. But then again it depends on how many images you have.

Hi mythi,
Within the local db block section, am not seeing blocks that are related to saving images in the local db, that’s why am a bit troubled.
Thanks for your valued contribution.

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How can i use this blocks to save an image from the phone storage to my local DB_1.

@general_tonje My second thought would be to make a certain cell’s text a link to the local image file, then just set a webviewer url to that link, but I have had trouble with getting that to work… Might try looking into that aspect if you still can’t find a solution. (Though, again, I have tried it and failed… maybe I was doing it wrong?)
Just an idea.
Sorry for not helping too much, but I hope you find a solution soon! I will keep trying to get that link to the local image file to work and will message you if/when I get it working!

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@chickenpotpie123 thank you for this, I was also thinking along the same line ,…links similar to media db links. I too, have reached a stand still, on this issue. I was trying to find a way of referencing image files locally stored in the local storage, but given the large number quizz questions that I expect to have, we need a really efficient way to do it. Maybe if we could have a way of importing airtable data (with images) into a local db table , then this could also be fine. @chickenpotpie123 thanks for your continued effort on this , I hope that we will find a resolve soon. This quizz project is meant to help my community study at home during this COVID19 period. Thanks again!

Dear @mythi @chickenpotpie123
From your valuable advice i have solved it as below:

  1. upload the image to the assets section
  2. enter the full name of the image e.g potato.png
  3. point to the image in the block section through the GetCel-Col_NumRow
    This works fine for me since
    a) images will be shown for only questions specified in the data table
    b) my app quiz app works fine offline!!
    Thanks again , i hope this helps other thunkers,
    Happy thunking!! :smile:

@general_tonje Congrats! :smiley: I may use this , or a variation of it, in the app I’m building, so thanks for detailing how you managed to solve it! Hope your students enjoy their app!

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Congrats on solving this!
Would you be able to share your blocks for how you did this?